ilixer Accepted to Pre-Acceletator gBETA Program

ilixer Accepted to Pre-Acceletator gBETA Program

We have big news! ilixer applied and was accepted to both gener8tor and the Brandery's gBETA program for the summer of 2019. 

The Brandery and gener8tor

Both gener8tor and the Brandery pulled their resources to create the Cincinnati gBETA program. The Brandery utilizes the expertise of Fortune 500 companies, such as Kroger and P&G, for branding, marketing, and design for companies participating in their programs. Based in Cincinnati, OH, the Brandery is a nationally-ranked accelerator program.

gener8tor, a startup accelerator operating out of Madison, Milwaukee, and Minneapolis, was ranked 11th place in a national ranking of all United States accelerator programs by the Seed Accelerator Rankings Project.

The gBETA Program

Over 50 applicants applied to Cincinnati's gBETA 2019 summer cohort. Four other companies were also selected for the summer cohort:

  1. HeyHerbie, enables older adults and their caregivers to access necessary services in a one-stop proprietary television interface. Current third-party solutions are scattered across platforms with complex hardware while HeyHerbie aggregates them into live television, a technology already being used by the target demographic. Customers pay for the initial hardware and are billed on a monthly subscription for the service.
  2. Gotcha Packed, helps travelers pack for their next getaway through a virtual styling service. Catering specifically to travelers, Gotcha Packed curates outfits with consideration of vacation activities, climate, terrain, and culture in order to take all the stress out of packing. Customers pay a $25 styling fee, keep the items they want and return the items they don’t.
  3. Somi, SoMi empowers active parents through the creation of quality on-the-go products starting with the MOX container. MOX reaches two peak temperature (100°F or 160°F) within minutes and is perfect for heating breastmilk, drinks or food without needing a power source.
  4. Ruya, travelling pop-ups foster a world where everyone can call home through authentic Turkish coffee experiences. In collaboration with five community partners, Rüya offers a multitude of products ranging from coffee and beer to chocolates all centered around Turkish culture.

This is gBETA's second year running a cohort in Cincinnati, OH and we are honored to be one of the companies selected.

The program runs from June 2019 through August 2019 and involves one-on-one team meetings with Brandery staff, individualized meetings with mentors having expertise in ilixer's market segments, and concludes in August with a pitch night to over 200 investors and mentors.

Companies participating in gBETA will also be placed in the 150 company selection pool for both gener8tor's and The Brandery's accelerator programs, which we plan on applying to.


We're ecstatic to participate in such a renowned program. We will work diligently to make sure we're getting the most we can out of gBETA. We plan to apply to The Brandery's Batch 10 Cohort, which begins in September 2019.

-Cody Blatt, Founder & CEO

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Listen to ilixer's Founder Cody Blatt on The Apathetic Vegan Podcast


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