The Time Commitment for Preparing Healthy Foods

The Time Commitment for Preparing Healthy Foods


Commonly referred to as “meal-prep” today, it is the preparation of portioned food for consumption throughout some contemplated period of time. At one extreme, some meal preppers might cook all of their meals for an entire month, refrigerate food to be consumed that week, and freeze the food for the remaining three weeks. On the opposite end of the meal prep spectrum, people might only prepare their lunch for the following day.

One common impetus of meal-prepping is to consume a healthier diet. Meal preppers, therefore, whether on the month prep or single meal prep end of the spectrum, will dedicate a significant amount of time to preparing their meals to consume healthier foods. This article will delve into the time commitment for meal prepping health-oriented meals and discuss how ilixer addresses the time commitment drawbacks of meal prep.

The Science Behind Meal Prepping

One study sought to look at the implication of time spent on food preparation, or meal prep, on diet quality and overall health. [1] The study found people who spent the least time of food preparation were working adults that placed a high priority of convenience on their meals. [1]

Furthermore, the study found greater time spent on home food preparation correlated with indicators of higher diet quality, which included intake of vegetables and fruits. [1]

Lastly, the study demonstrated that those spending less than an hour a day on food preparation was associated with not only more frequent consumption of fast food but also with a greater amount of money spent on food. [1]

These findings are interesting because they demonstrate the efficacy of meal prep. People who spend time on meal prepping will have a higher diet quality, as indicated by the study. [1]

The Issues with Meal Prepping

However, how might individuals without the time or perhaps even the perceived time be able to have a high-quality diet consistent with their peers who meal prep? It is, without doubt, such a question is in the minds of many Americans who see their coworkers or perhaps friends via social media show off their rigid dedication to the “art of meal prepping.”

It is perhaps far too often the case that many of these Americans do not have as much time as their peers. They have other responsibilities such as kids, aging parents, hobbies, etc. It might be the case that they barely ilk out enough time for the gym and it becomes a give and take the question of health: do I work out or do I eat healthier?

Where ilixer Comes In

This is one of the reasons we’ve spent countless hours creating and refining ilixer. Our product has wholesome, real ingredients, with many of them organic. ilixer derives most of its vitamins and minerals from real food sources, such as organic natural cacao powder, chia seeds, organic masa blue corn flour, organic powdered kale, and organic powdered strawberries. We do not add any sugars either—the small amount of sugar in our formula comes from the real fruits and vegetables along with small amounts in the other ingredients listed.

We believe a revolution is taking form with regard to how Americans think about their food. A shift from a dopamine-centered rush of eating unhealthy foods to a health/nutrient centered approach where individuals are conscious about what they are putting into their bodies. ilixer wants to be a champion in this revolution. We aim to save you as much time as possible on your journey to a healthier you.

Consuming ilixer could not be simpler. You simply mix your desired powdered portion with water and enjoy! ilixer can be stirred with water, however, we recommend blending or using a shaker bottle for the best consistency.

So, give ilixer a try. We offer smaller, sample-sized product bags so you can feel comfortable trying ilixer with minimal expense. If you have any questions about our product, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at!


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