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Our Story

Learning to eat for optimal nutrition isn’t easy. For me, the lessons started early. I was an obese child, and in an effort to help me understand what was in the food I put in my body, my parents taught me to read nutrition and ingredients labels. That sparked a lifelong journey.

Over the ensuing years I spent countless hours learning about the nuances of nutrition. When I was in law school, I struggled to maintain a healthy diet while staying on top of my studies. And if it was difficult for me, what about for people who just didn’t know about this stuff?

I created the formulation of what became ilixer for myself, but soon was sharing it with my fellow law students. So, what started as the simple goal of nourishing my friends and myself has grown a little bit. Now my goal is to bring optimum nutrition to the whole world.  

-Cody Blatt, Founder & CEO

Our Team

Cody Blatt

ilixer Founder & CEO

Joshua Schuman

ilixer Co-Founder, COO & CMO


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