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Our Story

Learning to eat healthy did not come easy. I was an obese child who received worrying expressions from my pediatrician but, at six years of age, my parents taught me to read nutrition and ingredient labels to know what was in the food I put into my body. I learned to not trust the front of food packaging, but to instead look at the back and understand the ingredients I put into my body. This lifelong journey of nutrition never stopped and I eventually began to realize the countless hours I spent understanding nutrition’s nuances. I questioned how someone that had not dedicated their life to understanding nutrition could, in truth, differentiate between misleading products and ones with real merit.

When I started law school, I found maintaining a healthy diet increasingly difficult while staying on top of my studies. I thought: if it is difficult for me to remain healthy as a busy individual, well-versed in nutrition, how difficult is it for a busy individual without this nutritional mindset? This nagging question led to my formulation for ilixer: to create a complete nutrition system with an optimal ratio of proteins, fats, carbs, and fiber, while also containing all 27 essential vitamins and minerals, and, most importantly, only using whole, organic food sources. No more artificial vitamin powders dumped into products loaded with added sugar: I created ilixer to break that mold.

I hope you enjoy ilixer as much as I enjoyed developing this complete nutrition system that you can have delivered right to your door. Welcome to the #ilixerfamily.

-Cody Blatt, Founder & CEO

Our Team

Cody Blatt

ilixer Founder & CEO

Tommy Walter

Director of Marketing

Our Product

ilixer combines established nutrition science with all organic ingredients to create a nutritionally-complete meal replacement for a healthy meal at work or on the go.

ilixer is a complete nutrition system, a powdered meal that provides an optimal ratio of macronutrients and micronutrients. ilixer’s carefully devised formula contains a macronutrient profile with an optimal ratio of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and fiber with all 27 essential vitamins and minerals using no artificial vitamin powders.

We create ilixer with only organic ingredients: fruits, vegetables, ‘superfoods’, etc., while competitor products typically include added sugars and synthetic vitamin powders.


ilixer combines established nutrition science with all organic ingredients to create a nutritionally-complete meal replacement for a healthy meal at work or on the go.

This combination of ilixer’s macronutrient profile, vitamins, and minerals through whole, organic foods, results in a product that nourishes, energizes, and keeps its users full so that they can tackle their day without worrying about their next healthy meal.

With ilixer you never have to drink meal replacements with artificial vitamins and minerals again. Simply add your ilixer powder to water and shake, stir, or blend for a delectable, filling, and healthy meal in less than 30 seconds.

ilixer is the perfect fuel for any day you're too busy to eat healthy. Just take a bag of ilixer with you on the go or covet one in your desk for a secret weapon when a co-worker gunning for your promotion leaves the office for fast food.

Our Mission

To provide the most convenient way to eat healthy through powdered meals that never include synthetic vitamin powders, using only organic ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, and other 'superfoods' to create a nutritionally-complete macronutrient and micronutrient profile.  

Our Promise

While competitors rely on added sugars and synthetic vitamin powders to create nutritionally complete powdered food, our product will never contain added sugars nor artificial vitamins and minerals. We will use only use organic ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, and other 'superfoods' to provide our macronutrient and micronutrient profile.

What Is #ilixerforgood?

We are currently developing our #ilixerforgood program. With this program, we want to give back to the community in a manner consistent with the struggles of my early life. To do this, the #ilixerforgood initiative will educate our youth on nutrition. Our primary focus will be to teach kids, especially in underserved communities, how to read and understand both nutrition labels and ingredients lists on the products they consume.

We believe nutrition starts with understanding what we put into our bodies. Therefore, without understanding the labeling that communicates what we're consuming, how can we begin down the lifelong journey of healthy eating?

The #ilixerforgood program will thus consist of registered dieticians going into schools, especially in underserved communities, and educating kids on reading both ingredient and nutrition labels on a variety of products.

With such an important mission, we would like to get started as soon as possible! Therefore, if you or someone you know is a registered dietician that is or might be interested in educating our youth on healthy eating through the #ilixerforgood program, please reach out to our founder, Cody Blatt, personally at Cody@ilixer.com.

If you're not a registered dietician nor know any registered dieticians, no problem! You can still help the cause by using #ilixerforgood on your social pages. This will demonstrate there is a strong community supporting the #ilixerforgood cause and could thus help us when applying for grants to further the #ilixerforgood initiative.

Thank you for taking the time to make our communities healthier with #ilixerforgood!

-Cody Blatt, Founder & CEO

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