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What is ilixer?

ilixer is a nutritionally-complete, powdered meal that provides an optimal ratio of macronutrients and micronutrients. ilixer is made with only organic ingredients: fruits, vegetables, ‘superfoods’, etc. Competitor products typically include added sugars and synthetic vitamin powders.

How do I use ilixer?

ilixer is designed so that you can enjoy a healthy meal anytime, anywhere. We recommend adding 4 scoops (400 calories) of ilixer to 8-12 ounces of water (or any variety of milk if you prefer). From there, simply shake, stir, or blend for a ready-to-go, nutritionally-complete meal.

Is ilixer Organic?

We are working on our organic certification, but we only use organic ingredients! This means no artificial vitamin powders

Is ilixer Vegan?

Yes! ilixer is vegan. Our formula uses no animal products. Therefore, it is also lactose-free for anyone avoiding dairy products.

Is ilixer Gluten-free?

Yes! ilixer is gluten-free. None of the ingredients we use contain gluten.

**Note: ilixer may contain trace amounts of gluten from processing at third-party facilities that also processes wheat products.

Does ilixer have antioxidants?

Yes! Noticing a pattern here? ilixer contains a number of ingredients high in antioxidants. The fruits, vegetables, and other ‘superfoods’ we use all add to ilixer’s Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) which measures the Total Antioxidant Capacity (TAC) of foods.

Diet and Nutrition

How can I introduce ilixer into my daily food/nutrition routine?

We suggest you start with one serving of ilixer per day and then steadily increasing your usage as you prefer over the coming weeks. From there, you can decide to have ilixer for breakfast, lunch, dinner, pre or post workout, as a snack, or all of the above!

Can ilixer help me to lose or gain weight?

Absolutely. ilixer makes it easy for you to track your calories (1 scoop = 100 calories) while ensuring that you are getting the necessary vitamins and minerals as well. Of course each individual’s daily caloric/nutritional needs may vary based on a variety of factors, so you may consider talking to your doctor or with a registered dietician.


What is your return policy?

Subscriptions: While all our packages are guaranteed against defects, our 30-day money back guarantee only applies to the first shipment of your subscription (up to 3 pouches per customer).

One-Time Purchase: If you feel ilixer is not for you, email us at contact@ilixer.com within 30 days of receiving your ilixer and we’ll refund your most recent order (up to 3 pouches per customer).

For more info on our refund policy, please follow the "Refund Policy" link in our footer.


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